About Our Tables

The Good Lord created the trees; the mind of a craftsman envisions extraordinary functional art for your home!

From hardwood timber harvested in the foothills of North Carolina, craftsman Clyde Haymore, our wood genius, personally selects every highly-figured slab of wood with an eye toward creating unusual, one-of-a-kind tables. Splitting open a tree trunk is an adventure for this American craftsman, who knows that within the knots and twisted wood grain dwells a stunning piece of furniture waiting to be released. Every stage of the process brings out more of the rich dimension of color and movement until he has hand-crafted the walnut, cherry or maple slab into a free-form table that pops with distinctive character.

The end result is a collection of tables that allow YOU to be a wood genius when you enjoy your own hand-crafted slice of art because you know your table is unique, THE ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD!

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