Take Care of Your Table

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Take Care of Your Table.

Your Woodgenius table is finished with 5-to-10 sheen pre-catalyzed lacquer; in other words, a low-gloss durable finish.

Our Woodgenius prefers the lower sheen because it has a natural appearance and allows the wood grain and natural color to stand out.

He prefers lacquer because it is water-resistant and scratch-resistant for everyday dining; and he prefers pre-catalyzed because should your table ever be damaged, it can be re-finished.

To care for your table:

  • Wipe spills immediately with a damp cloth followed by a dry cloth.
  • Never set a pot from the stove or oven directly on your table; always use a trivet.
  • Never, ever set a warm pizza box or any warm, moist heat on your table.
  • Occasionally, you may clean with lemon oil; never use a silicone spray.

Enjoy your table as the functional work of art that it is!

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